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Ligna Natural Oils are a family of high-performance wood finishing products. Made up of a mix of vegetable oils traditionally used for wood finishing whose quality has been recognized for many decades, Ligna Oils are reinforced by the addition of resins and waxes, which give them excellent durability and an unprecedented high-end finish.

Ligna has been working with renowned European laboratories, which have been offering experience and know-how in this field for over 50 years, to develop its products. Its ingredients and raw materials are imported from Europe; then they undergo their final transformation in Canada. Ligna is a Canadian brand that respects Canadian environmental norms and standards pertaining to health and safety.

Even though they are made up of traditional ingredients, Ligna Products use the most recent wood protection technology. By offering a penetrating and non-film-forming finish, oil and resin crystallisation in the wood creates high-quality one coat protection. All our colouring agents are finely micronized to offer proper wood penetration, which enhances its grain and increases durability.

Ligna appeared on the Canadian market at the beginning of 2014. Ligna Products are offered to consumers through a constantly expanding network of retailers. One can find our products in Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritimes. Soon Ligna’s reputation in Canada will be known from coast to coast.

Ligna is of interest to consumers, wood finishing professionals, and wood finishing factories. Through its eco-friendly properties, beauty, quality of its finish, and ease of application, Ligna’s importance is growing on the Canadian market and will yet evolve.