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Bio-Supra est une huile monocouche composée d'ingédients végétales, qui ne contient aucun solvant et ne dégage aucun COVBio-Supra - monocoat oil for woods and worktops


BIO-SUPRA is a natural impregnating monocoat finishing oil made of vegetal oils and resins. BIO-SUPRA protects floors, furniture and other sollicited wood interior surfaces in one coat. The colourless version of BIO-SUPRA is recommanded for food surfaces as cutting boards, butcher blocks  and restaurant kitchen counters.  

BIO-SUPRA is vegetal, natural, solvent and VOC free. It provides an excellent resistance against abrasion and do not leave any surface film. BIO-SUPRA nourishes the wood and protects it against water and other stains. With Ligna oil, you can do easy touch up anytime.


**Available now colored versions

***Attestation, Bureau of Chemical Safety, Health Canada, food processing


  • Zero solvent, zero VOC


  • Eco-friendly product


  • No overlappingFind a coverage Ligna oil per species
  • Ideal for food surfaces


  • Easy to use and to maintain



  • A durable finish in 24 hours



  • Suitable for any interior surfaces, including worktops



  • Made of top quality natural oils



  • No more need to sand or to scrape to refresh the finish