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Solia+ Cleaner,protector with wax


Solia+ est un nettoyeur et un protecteur pour bois huilésSOLIA+ is a cleaner protector with vegetal waxes  designed for oiled wood surfaces. Solia+ cleans and leaves a thin coat of protective wax which highlights the lustre of the wood. .

Apply SOLIA+ on the surface free of dust. Work one section at the time by spraying the product on the surface, spread with a moist ratine mop  and let it dry.

Optional :  To highlight the lustre, polish SOLIA+ with a fringed mop or a floor polisher equipped with a white pad or a felt pad.

Use SOLIA+ once a month,  alternating with the regular SOLIA

Before using SOLIA+ on a freshly oiled surface, wait 10 days to allow the oil to dry thoroughly.  

Ready-to-use product, no need to dilute.

Protect from freezing.


0g / L

Caution: Keep out of reach of children