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Solia - Concentrated cleaner for oiled wood surfaces


Solia nettoui vos surfaces de bois huilés. Il nourrit et ne laisse aucun résidu collant sur la surface.SOLIA is an oiled wood cleaner made of coconut and soya oils. Solia nourishes and cleans the wood, it leaves no sticky surface film. SOLIA is easy to mix with water and is suitable for domestic or professional uses.

Dilute 8 to 10 ml of cleaner in one litre of hot water.

Wipe the floor using a soft cloth or a mop previously soaked in the solution and thoroughly wrung. Use two buckets : one with the detergent solution, the other with clear water, to regularly rinse the cloth or mop to remove dirt.

Use SOLIA as a regular cleaner. Ideally, use SOLIA+ once a month, alternating with SOLIA

Allow any oil treatment on the floor to dry thoroughly for 10 days before using SOLIA to clean your floor.  

Dilute Solia only in water.

Provenance: Italy

VOC: 0g / L

Caution: Keep out of reach of children