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RAVIVO is a protective wax renewer for wood oiled and waxed


Imperméabilisé, protéger et rehausser la couleur de vos surfaces huilés ou cirésRAVIVO is an aqueous emulsion made of bees and vegetal waxes. It is a protective wax renewer for oiled surfaces. Ravivo gives a nice satin finish, it seals and improves the durability of the finish. It is suitable for any oiled or waxed interior wood surfaces. With RAVIVO, there is no need to sand, no preparation. It dries quickly and is odourless.

Directions :
Clean the floor with SOLIA, our eco-friendly soap. When the floor is dry, apply RAVIVO with an applicator pad, a cotton cloth or a brush, as evenly as possible without leaving any excess of product.

Let the floor dry and polish with a floor mop. To get a more shiny finish, polish with an electric polisher equipped with a white pad or a felt pad.

You can walk on the floor after 45 minutes. Get the furniture back in place after 4 hours. Wait until the day after to put back the carpets.

Use RAVIVO annually to extend the life of the finish of your floor.

Caution :
Wait seven to ten days before applying on a freshly oiled surface. The oil must be thoroughly dry before application.

Protect from freezing.

Provenance: Italy

VOC : 0 g / L

Caution : Keep out of reach of children