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Solo monocat by Ligna. Monocat wooden floor oil.Ligna Solo oil is a resin and natural oils product designed to protect floors and other interior wood surfaces.

SOLO offers an excellent resistance against abrasion and does not create a film on the wood surface. Thanks to its penetrating capacity, SOLO feeds the wood and protects it against water and othe stains. SOLO allows for easy touch up at any time.

SOLO is a monocoat product highly concentrated in natural material (70 %).  Its natural or coloured hues give a rich look and a satin flat finish.

·       Fast and cost effective

·       No overlapping

·      Available in 16 colours

·      Easy to use and to maintain

·       A durable finish in 24 hours

·       The lowest VOC rate on the market

·       Suitable for any interior surfaces

·       Made of first quality natural oils

·       No more need to sand to refresh the finish

·       Allows for touch up and repairsTechnical sheet Solo monocout oil



Solo is easy to apply and leaves no overlapping marks.

1- Apply with an applicator pad, a microfiber pad or a sheepskin.

2 – After 5-10 minutes : With a bleached cotton cloth, wipe the surface in the trend of wood texture to stimulate the penetration of the product and remove any excess of oil.